Deepen the Dialogue II

There are many fantastic women's diversity events and conferences held within Japan, and provided an opportunity to: hear from leaders, understand best practices (and consider replicating), and network with strong, powerful and caring leaders.

In an attempt to be a little provocative, experimental, and to see what we can do on a united and cohesive front, we have started a group discussion on women's careers to really dig into some of the challenges and opportunities - talk root causes, share your experience, cover current issues/impediments, review if anyone has it right, etc.

In last December, we had a great dialogue with HR professionals and those who have interests in this area from variety of companies and schools. The discussion was full of best practices and new ideas based on the common understanding of issues and root causes and attendees were motivated to progress women's diversity further with the takeaways. (See reference below)

In the "Deepen the Dialogue II", our focus will shift from "open discussion of inhibitors/concerns and ideas to improve" towards "deeper insights and tangible actions / recommendations." Attendees will be in small groups and exchange ideas and thoughts. Please choose which theme you would like to focus on discussion when you enroll.

Pillar A New Hire/Mid-career
Pillar B Parent
Pillar C Management
Summary Team (This team will summarize the work of all of the pillars.)

We welcome anyone who has interest in this area. Let's make an impact with our collective power!!

==Logistics ====================================================
<Date> March 1, 2018 (Tue) 18:00-21:00 (Doors open at 17:45)
<Place> IBM Japan Headquarters Building https://www.ibm.com/ibm/jp/en/
19-21 Nihonbashi, Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8510

Note: discussion will be mostly held in English

Reference: Discussion Result of Deepen the Dialogue I

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Thu Mar 1, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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Pillar A: New Hire/Mid-Career FULL
Pillar B: Parent FULL
Pillar C: Managment FULL
Summary Team FULL
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中央区日本橋箱崎町19−21 Japan
Deepen the Dialogue